Healing Through the Senses


Far too often we find ourselves tired and overworked which can lead to an overwhelming amount of stress. When life becomes overwhelming and health is suffering, we can learn to connect with our bodies and heal through our senses.  

Developing coping strategies and learning to incorporate positive responses to stress are key. Two of the stronger human senses are smell and taste, and The Sephure Team has found healing tips central to these senses.

Utilizing sense of smell is often accomplished using aromatherapy. Smell is one of the primitive human senses and is often quite powerful due to its direct connection to the brain. To begin this process, start conditioning yourself to different smells. Once you’re already relaxed try inhaling a scent you find calming to associate your feelings with that particular scent. This will help condition yourself to relax and use these essential oils when your body is stressed or tense.

Stress Relieving Scents

  • Lavender- One of the most common essential oils, lavender is known to have a calming and relaxing effect. A lesser known fact about lavender is its ability to soothe nausea and upset stomach.
  • Peppermint- Need a boost? Peppermint oil is often used because of its invigorating properties. Peppermint has a high menthol content and for people suffering from IBS the scent of peppermint can ease cramping and stomach pain.
  • Chamomile- The flowery oil of chamomile can help decrease overthinking, irritability, and worry by promoting relaxation. As an anti-inflammatory, chamomile based oil can also help settle stomach upset.

Once you’ve begun to feel calmer using scents, try some of our suggested herbs for more natural healing. Herbs have been used for thousands of years and scientists are now beginning to prove that plants have the ability to help with many conditions. The experience of taste is a widely variable thing depending on the structure of your tongue, current medications, and simple personal preferences. Instead of trying to cater to everyone’s unique taste –literally– we’ve decided to focus on the healing properties that certain herbs can provide.

Healing Herbs

  • Ginger- Ginger is an aspirin like wonder root containing anti-inflammatory properties and helps to lessen the intensity of aches and pains. Chewing a slice of fresh ginger can also ease nausea.
  • Peppermint- An on-go treatment option for IBS patients, peppermint helps alleviate gas, cramps, and overall pain.
  • Aloe- Though great for burns, aloe can be even better for drinking and has been shown to reduce stomach ulcers in some people.

By listening to our bodies and connecting with our sense in a positive way we can establish a stronger mind body experience. Bridging the mind-body gap through the use of healing herbs and aromatherapy can help your overall health. Remember that not everyone will experience the same reactions to these suggestions. Learn what senses are strongest for you and utilize them in calming and connecting to yourself.