Does Sephure come in different sizes?

Yes, Sephure comes in several different sizes depending on the total gram weight of the suppository medication. To help you decide which size applicator to use, please view the sizing tips and medication list.

Sephure is available in A2, our most popular size, which works with suppositories like Dulcolax and Magic Bullet. B3 is our Canasa applicator. We also have a vaginal size applicator that fits most vaginal suppositories and capsules. 

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Can I re-use a Sephure applicator?

No, Sephure applicators are disposable and designed for one time use. Re-using a Sephure applicator can lead to infection and potential injury.

Will using Sephure hurt?

No, Sephure is made of a silky, smooth plastic and lubrication can be used to ease the suppository tip into the body. The slim design of Sephure is more comfortable than using a finger to administer rectal suppositories. The ergonomic design of Sephure allows the user to grip the barrel without slipping and offers better reach for self administration using one hand.

Can I use Sephure if I have hemorrhoids?

Yes, Sephure can be used to comfortably administer hemorrhoid suppository treatments. The smooth, slim Sephure applicator offers a more comfortable administration of rectal suppositories to the sight of origin for internal hemorrhoids: above the anal rectal line.

What suppositories can I administer using Sephure Applicators?

Sephure applicators can be used to administer any prescription or over-the-counter suppository medications. Sephure comes in two sizes depending on the total gram weight of the medication. When purchasing Sephure online, you can print or view the sizing chart to match the shape of your suppository medication to the chart to determine correct size of Sephure. Still not sure, contact us at 1-844-SEPHURE or email us at

Are there any special tips for new users?

Relax and take a deep breath. Take time to familiarize yourself with the instructions. Trying Sephure when you are not rushed or stressed will make the process seem less challenging. With a little practice, you will find that administering suppositories using a Sephure applicator is easy, fast and painless.

Can I insert the Sephure applicator too far?

Don’t force the Sephure applicator; once you feel resistance when depressing the plunger, the suppository is properly placed within the rectum. Everyone’s body is slightly different and Sephure applicators are designed for the measurement of the average adult anatomy. Depressing the plunger completely is not required to properly place suppository medication.

Can I use Sephure applicators to administer suppositories to my child?

Currently, Sephure is available in adult size. We plan on manufacturing an infant and child size Sephure applicator in the future.

Do I flush the Sephure applicator?

No, the applicators should be discarded in the trash. They will not degrade in septic or sewer conditioning.

What is Sephure made of?

Sephure is made of a hypoallergenic inert non-absorbent plastic that has been safely used to make healthcare products for over 25 years.

What are the benefits of Sephure?

Sephure allows patients and caregivers to administer suppository medication in a clean, comfortable manner and places the medication in the rectum, away from the nerves and muscles that signal the body to expel the contents of the bowel. Because the medication is properly placed and does not leak outside the body, patients who take therapeutic suppositories need not wear protective undergarments. For patients who use laxative suppositories, the medication is properly placed and stays in the body longer, resulting in a better therapeutic affect.

Can I feel the medication after administering a suppository using Sephure?

No, you won’t feel the suppository. Sephure places the suppository in the rectum, away from the nerves and muscles which signal the body to expel the contents of the bowel.

Can I use Sephure to administer laxatives?

Yes, Sephure works well to administer laxative suppositories. Because Sephure positions the suppository above the anal rectal line, the laxative does not spontaneously expel early, leading to a re-administration of the laxative. In a study in a long term care facility, nurses observed that administering laxative suppositories using Sephure resulted in a longer hold time in the body, a better laxative result, and fewer needs to re-administer a second suppository.

How does Sephure work?

Sephure’s patented technology allows air to escape the body during the administration of the suppository and withdrawal of the applicator.

Does Sephure contain latex?

No, Sephure does not contain latex and is made of a hypoallergenic plastic used to make many healthcare products.

Does Sephure have an expiration date?

No, Sephure is made of an inert plastic that will not expire. Suppositories have an expiration date. If your suppositories have expired before you have used all of the Sephure applicators, you should reorder your suppository medication for use with your Sephure applicators.

How is Sephure different from female applicators?

Sephure has patented technology that allows air to escape the body during the administration of a suppository and withdrawal of the applicator. Female applicators trap air in the body when administering rectal suppositories. When the air escapes, the suppository has had time to melt at body temperature and as a result, the medication leaks, requiring the use of protective undergarments.